Thursday, April 17, 2014

Interested in how to support? Have useful feedback?

With the upcoming April 27th demo fast approaching, it's time for Shower Thoughts to start spreading the word so that as many people as possible can catch a glimpse of the future of obj_char in this remastered demo. If you've seen it at a previous showcase, you'll definitely be impressed by what we've changed just since Tuesday's build. With tighter turn controls, a ton of bug fixes, a new set of more intuitive demo levels, and demo music, the first publicly downloadable demo is going to be just a small taste of what obj_char will someday be. So, let's address the title:

  • How to support:
    • follow us on Twitter @Shower_Dev
    • retweet and favorite us
    • check this blog regularly
    • gossip about us on the internet
    • tell your friends to do the same
    • give us feedback
  • How to give feedback:
    • if you click on the title of any post, you can leave a comment for us to see and respond to
    • fill out our sidebar polls
    • leave a comment with your email requesting our email for more personalized contact

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