Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Announcement 1: Over this past weekend, a co-founder of Shower Thoughts Development along with a guest teammate entered the Games++ 2014 game jam. After a 10 hour competition but only around 6 logistic hours of work, the two person team produced the first functional version of "Dream Sequence". Although it is not official yet, the team has been considering continuing progress on the game under the name of Shower Thoughts! If both team members agree to continue, or even if they both at least agree to pass the game on to Shower Thoughts, then we will be taking control of the game. Starting with a handful of bug fixes, then graphic enhancements, and eventually more tiers of levels (the game operates like a flow chart map, very cool!).

 Announcement 2: Shower Thoughts Development would like to host a live youtube game jam! The way it would work is a day would be set aside where in the morning we would start streaming our team live on youtube. We would then use a random word generator to get a suggestion and make a game based on that suggestion. The cool part would be the ability to see not only the verbal and physical creative process but also how the games can be developed. This is interesting because you can see what steps we create the game in, how we handle bugs, etc. Perhaps the best part of this experience would be the ability to play the game for free after the game jam! Shower Thoughts promotes the idea of a gamejam because not only does it build very skills such as teamwork, creativity, organization, time management, etc. but it also produces unique types of games. Some of the most fun games to play are the ones who have ridiculous glitches or fundamental flaws. No matter what, it's fun to participate in.

  • Participation: to participate, simply register beforehand (registration will be available on this site), watch our stream during the suggestion announcement, and then host your own live stream for others to watch!

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